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Is It Cause I Dress Like a Rock Star...

11 November 1989
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I am Lkaet.

I am a twenty something fangirl from a cold flat bit of Canada. I am currently spending my time studying fine arts and English at Uni and when I am not doing that I read as much as I possibly can, watch movies, listen to music, read comics and generally fangirl...like a lot.

I love to travel and there is pretty much nowhere that I do not want to see. I work in a bakery at the moment to make up for this very expensive travel bug and I love every minute of it.

Posts on this journal are usually flail-y, excited and contain large amounts of squee. Be forewarned :D
Some of my fandom interests include:

Harry Potter (my first ever fandom)


Doctor Who

Flight of the Concords

Queer as Folk

The Libertines

Simon Amstell

Robert Rankin

Scott Pilgrim

I lurk around many corners of the internet. These are some of the places that you can track me down...

Lkaet on DeviantART
Lkaet on Twitter
Lkaet on Flickr

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