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Inception Reverse Bang: Art Master Post

Long time no see!

This artwork is my contribution to Round 5 of the
I started off with the very broad inspiration of Vancouver, lots of snow (It is fun to draw, less fun to have to shovel.) and hotel sleepovers.

Artwork hereCollapse )

I will add in the links to the stories, and authors here, as soon as the masterpost goes up!

Until then feel free to head over to the community and read all the other awesome contributions


Jan. 14th, 2013

Still getting back in the swing of being here on Lj.  It's nice...Tumblr just isn't the same.  

Some good and bad news from my week...Collapse )

Hope you all are well and back in the swing of things for January!



Happy Hols and Hugs From Me

How time flies!  

I just realized it's been almost a full year since I've read, much less posted here on LJ, having abandoned ship for Tumblr   I've been back browsing here a bit on my free time now that it is the holidays, and it is making me all nostalgic.  HOW HAVE YOU ALL BEEN?? *festive holiday hugs for everyone*

In other news, I'm back in Canada for a bit doing more school. (Then who knows where to next...)
I got a new little puppy named Lily, who is a terror, but so very cute, so It balances out. 
I am still and emotional wreck from the Merlin finale.
I am increasingly obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch and his beautiful face. It's a problem. Really. 
and I am not a very interesting person as that is all I can think of to say after a year of absence XD  

Anyway...Let me know what's up! Have I missed anything important? What's going on with you guys?

(Did I do this right? I am afraid of mucking something up after not being on here in so long...and this new entry page is all new fangled...)

Merlin rpf Art Masterpost

Story Title: You're All A Part of Me
Story Author: somerdaye
Artist: lkaet
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, some sexual content, obliviousness
Pairings: Bradley/Colin, Katie/Eoin
Summary: Merlin is finished, and despite their vehement protests, Colin and Katie are whisked off to Italy with some of the other young cast members before they have to say goodbye and move on with their lives. Problem is, Colin thinks he might possibly be in love with his (straight) on-set best friend - and neither of them are terribly good at communicating.
Three weeks of misunderstandings, blanket forts, shirtless baristas, and an ongoing search for the perfect slice of pizza leads to something pretty close to happiness.

Artists notes: thank you, thank you, thank yousomerdaye for allowing me to illustrate your lovely story!!!  I had a blast doing so and its always fun to get to draw the pictures I see in my head when I am reading something I enjoy. Please go read her story and tell her how wonderful she is, because this art wouldn't exsist without it!!!!  Not much else to say, but the art is a mixture of watercolour, pen and my ever changing art style.  

Art Warnings: fluffly, fluff, fluff.  As I was painting I was doing so with the internal dialog of Bob Ross, and Florence and the Machine on my ipod spurring me on...so ya.  Its all very lovely and happy.   
ART AHOYCollapse )

Art: Knight on The Round Table

Cause you know, honestly I would rather be drawing slash in my pyjamas than looking for a job.   pfft.  I have loads of time for that >.>  

Also, I think this is the highest rated thing I've ever drawn.  *blushes*

Title: Knight on The Round Table
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Characters/pairings: Bradley/Colin 
Rating: R
Warnings: some nudity, NSFW 
Disclaimer: BBC owns everything, etc. I just like to have a little fun.
Notes: for the prompt: "The boys sneak onto set at night and have sex on the Round Table. Top!Bradley please!" in the Bradley/ Colin mini fest hosted by eyesofapanda
Image this wayCollapse )


last midnight showing of HP ever.  what will I do with myself now!?!?!?!?! 

*squishes everyone*
Just a brief entry here to say thank you guys for all the fabulous user gifts!!!  treacle_tartlet ,katelinmr ,nursedarry , cinnatart [info]lokifan [info]delorispea [info]cassie_black12 [info]phoenix_on_ice  [info]joan_waterhouse Thank you!!!!

Kisses and Hugs to the lot of you *Mwah* 
In other news Harry Potter part 2 tonight oh my goodness! And then I am flying to England On Saturday.  Gah.  Its really snuck up on me!


Art: Wet

 We finnnnally had a sunny day over here in my lovely city, even if it was promptly followed by a massive thunderstorm.  The weather inspired me to do some more drawing, so I've got a tiny little Merlin sketch for you :D

The title makes it seem way more risque than it actually is :P

Title: Wet
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Characters/pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: pg13
Warnings: some boys kissing
Disclaimer: BBC owns everything, etc. I just like to have a little fun.
Notes: Done with pencil, pencil crayons and a bit of watercolour :D

Cut To Art...Collapse ) Enjoy :D
You know you want to come and join in the fun centered entirely around fingers and all of the wonderful ways to use them :P
And its a Merlin and Harry Potter fest no less.  You cannot go wrong with both fandoms in one place. :D :D :D 

There are already some awesome prompts and I am off to go prompt some of my own right now!  


I have not been a very good Harry Potter fan lately.  It was really my first ever fandom, and I have loved the books ever since they started coming out, but lately I have been ignoring it for other new and shiny fandoms.

However, with the fast approaching FINAL MOVIE EVER and all of this speculation about Pottermore, Diacon Alley and the end of an era, I must admit...the butterflies have returned to my stomach.  

Oh my god you guys!!! ITS ENDING! What am I going to do with myself!?!?!?!

*goes off to read some classic Harry Potter fanfic*

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